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We offer the most reliable service in aeromedical transfers from Mexico , Central and South America to any destination worldwide . Our personalized service is available 24 hours a day , 365 days a year. Our aircraft are based Cozumel, offer the quality level dictated by operational protocols and procedures worldwide. We comply with the highest international standards in intensive care and critical care .

By choosing us , you are assured that your patient will be with the hands of trained medical personnel , trained and experienced , who not only granted him premier medical care to his patient

Thanks to our excellent quality of service in more than 1,800 missions, we have been chosen as official suppliers of major insurance companies and assistance in the world

Provide service transfers aeromedical safer , reliable within Mexico and from Latin America to the rest of the world, always meeting the highest standards in the industry , offering competitive prices , delivering our attention with compassion and dedication and assisting our clients in all aspects of our service.

Our plane , equipped as a mobile intensive care unit , fly the patient to the nearest airport. A ground ambulance carried our medical personnel and equipment from the airport to the bedside . Our medical and paramedical prepare the patient for transport and travel with him back to the airport . Our air ambulance takes the patient with our team to target closest to the patient , where a ground ambulance will be waiting to take them to hospital destination airport. Our staff does not separate the patient throughout the trip.

From the moment we arrive until the patient is delivered to the destination , it caters each and every one of your medical needs We quote a price "all inclusive" (except the cost of keeping airports open outside normal hours if necessary ) . Our staff and medical equipment is modified to

the specific needs of each patient and the strategic location of our bases, we are the fastest option to reach a patient in certain parts of Latin America . We coordinate all aspects of the service and provides assistance to patients and their relatives every step for the transfer. We eliminate obstacles and do what is necessary to support you before, during and after the journey.

In addition to providing excellent service by air ambulance to transport critically ill patients suffering from almost any medical condition, from anywhere in Mexico and Latin America to anywhere in the world, we are proud to be experts in highly specialized services .

Services for Patients with Burns

We are specialized in shipments of burn patients. We are one of the leading suppliers of Michou y Mau Foundation for Burned Children and frequently we give to Shriners hospitals in the U.S. ( exclusive hospitals for burn patients ) services. In these hospitals our staff receives ongoing training for Advanced Burn Life Support . Annually, more than 100 flights performed for these patients. We are the experts !

Neonatal and Pediatric Services

We specialize in removals of children of any age needing critical care , especially newborn babies . We have invested in advanced equipment and specialized to transfer personnel newborns , including premature babies weighing less than 1 kilo . These delicate and lovely move patients under the care of our own pediatrician and neonatologist intensivist , who has over 17 years experience .

We use the most advanced equipment in neonatal transport : BABY PAC fan ( specially designed to provide the most accurate small lung ventilation and fragile ) , POD BABY Incubator ( designed specifically for transfers ) and portable system Aeronox / Pulmonox ( nitric oxide to manage improve oxygenation of the most sensitive or injured ) lungs.

Perinatal Service

With increasing frequency , our clients ask us neonatal services when the patient is a pregnant woman at risk of giving birth prematurely : A neonatal service " potential." This service includes our complete package and neonatal add an obstetrician specialist. Therefore, we are prepared to care for the mother and baby if she gives birth before or during flight .

Our Float

  • LEAR JET 25
  • Patients: 2
  • Medical staff: 2
  • Cap. Oxygen: 6,000 liters
  • Suction: Unlimited
  • Air at 50 psi: Unlimited
  • 115 Volts current outputs: 4


What is an Air Ambulance ?

An air ambulance is an aircraft equipped with equipment and medical personnel to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS for short ) and Critical Care (CCT ) to transport , in conjunction with ground ambulances , sick or injured people to hospital another , regardless of the distance between the two .

What services do we provide ?

We tailor our service to the individual medical needs of each patient. The most common service is . The Medical airTransport " and the coordination of all aspects and people involved from start till the end of the service

What kind of medical staff have ?

Standard medical crew of an air ambulance is always a doctor and a paramedic, both specifically trained in Advanced Life Support , Critical Care , and air medical experts in the operation of portable equipment on board our ALS ground and air ambulances and experienced in providing medical care " in motion" during transport.

What kind of medical equipment carries the air ambulance ?

All aircraft are equipped with medical equipment certified in ALS and CCT . Including cardiac monitors , defibrillators , infusion pumps , respirators / ventilators with oxygen, pulse oximeters, intubation equipment , and many other components along with the solutions necessary to ensure first-rate health care medicines.

How can you pay an air ambulance service ?

Accept Credit Card Payments with Visa, Mastercard , bank transfers, cash deposits.

Can family ? Accompany the patient during transport ?

Of course , a family can go with the patient throughout the trip. Depending on the aircraft , two family members can get on the air ambulance

What type of aircraft used ?

The air ambulance service including a fleet of four aircraft series Lear Jet 30s and 20s and a King Air C90 . These aircraft are preferred in aeromedical transfers for safety, efficiency and comfort. AirLink management handles its own aircraft .

Do we pay international service ?

Most services are international , we can fly anywhere in the world when the airport meets the landing requirements of our aircraft .

Contac Us:

Air Ambulance Cancun Phone: 998 865 42 25


Destination Price
Cozumel - Toluca $ 16,275 USD
Cancún - Toluca $ 15,750 USD
Cancún - Monterrey $ 17,325 USD
Cancún - Guadalajara $ 18,375 USD

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